10 Unique British Pub Signs

Shooting Star Ale Pie House
The Shooting Star Ale Pie House in London, England | Creative Commons : Flickr user UggBoy/UggGirl

Here are 10 Stunning British Pub Signs for your inspiration. I always love to see some of these unique, traditional and quirky signs when I visit various destinations here in the UK. The signs are often steeped in tradition, with some telling a story in a picture:

Tom Cribb Pub Sign
Tom Cribb Pub Sign | Creative Commons : David Anstiss

Jolly Sailor pub sign
Jolly Sailor pub sign | Creative Commons : Richard Dorrell

Ringlestone Inn
>Ringlestone Inn pub sign | Creative Commons : Geograph.org<

Brewers Arms sign
The Brewers Arms pub sign | Creative Commons : Oast House Archive

Pub Sign
The British Volunteer, pub sign, Ashford | Creative Commons : Geograph.org>

Half Moon, Broad Green
Half Moon, Broad Green pub sign | Creative Commons : Flickr user Ewan M

The Crown Inn
The Crown Inn, pub sign, Sarre | Creative Commons : David Anstiss

Locksbottom pub sign
British Queen, pub sign, Locksbottom | Creative Commons : David Anstiss

Brewers Arms pub sign
Brewers Arms pub signage | Creative Commons : Oast House Archive

Royal Standard in Croydon
Royal Standard pub sign, Croydon | Creative Commons : Flickr user Ewan M

What are the pub signs like where you live? Do they differ from the British ones shown here?

5 thoughts on “10 Unique British Pub Signs”

  1. Rob Cubbon

    This is a post on something I’m extremely interested in! Pub signs and names are really interesting and historical. Round here we have an Orange Tree (which has a sign of an orange tree, as I remember!) and a Griffin. My favourite pub name is The World’s End. There’s one in Finsbury Park (north London) and another famous one in the fashionable King’s Road (west London).

  2. David Airey

    That sailor does look quite jolly, doesn’t he? More than can be said for the Queen.

    Rob, there’s a World’s End pub in Edinburgh, too, and although it’s on the Royal Mile, is built on top of where the old city-limit wall once stood. Decent pub.

  3. Ray Vellest

    Brilliant collection Andrew, a true celebration of Britishness. I loved Tom Cribb sign! It took me a minute to realize he had his fists in a fight position, at first I thought he was suppose to be holding something! 🙂

  4. Andrew Kelsall

    Rob → I think I’ve either been in, or seen a The World’s End pub too. I think that pub signs are something that people will literally judge a pub by, so like yourself, I love to see a good one too.

    David → In Whitby, there’s plenty of Jolly Sailor type-signs. I really ought to take some photos next time I go.

    Ray → I’m unsure as to whether someone holding their fists for a fight is a good image for a British pub, though 😉

    Like you said, I feel like celebrating a bit of good ‘ol Britishness. Must be the Royal Wedding placebo effect.

    Thanks all for commenting…

  5. Rob Cubbon

    David, I’ll have to go to the World’s End the next time I’m in Edinburgh.